Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mommy's Big Boy

Aaron has made all kinds of strides in the past month. We started by going to the doctor for his 6 month appointment. He was very healthy at 16lb 11oz and 28 inches long! He learned to roll over both ways and now he is rocking on this hands and knees. We got him a walker and he walks all over the kitchen. Two days ago, I discover he can sit up without falling over now. And just now, I put Aaron on his tummy and left the room to put his bottle in the fridge. I came back and he is sitting up by himself playing with his toys. He always waits until I turn my back to do something amazing!
I can't believe all the changes (and clothes) he has gone through. He must have gone through a growth spurt in the past week. I am certain he grew overnight. He is now 18lbs and has outgrown his 12 months clothes. In fact his 18 month clothes are fitting a little snug. What am I going to do with this big boy!

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