Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Friday, July 29, 2011

Surgery went well

Aaron had surgery to take out his port. We are glad to take it out. The port is a potential site for serious infection. He only used the once a month and become more of a hassle than a help.

We were all in the car by 6am heading to Tampa. We arrived just in time for the 8am check in. We should have been there earlier, but the roads are very confusing by the hospital and we ended up going in circles on one-way streets before we arrived at the parking garage. Thank goodness for the GPS!

We waited in the Surgery Registration waiting room for awhile before Aaron was called back to preop. Michael could not stay awake. Serena and Aaron were full of energy and wanted to play. Aaron and I went to the preop area where he was given a cute Tampa Bay Bucs Teddy Bear. We watched TV while 5 different nurses came by at different times and asked us the exact same questions. Later, Aaron put on his gown and was called back. I walked Aaron to the surgery area and then the nurse took him. Aaron cried and my heart sank a bit.

While Aaron was in surgery, Michael and Serena had breakfast. Serena quickly found all the fun toys and games throughout the hospital. Serena really knows how to have a good time. I waited in the surgery waiting room until the doctor came in. She said the surgery went smoothly and Aaron did well. After 30 minutes in the recovery room, I was able to go be with Aaron. He was tired and irritable, but otherwise feeling fine.

Thirty minutes later we were in the car to go home. We all took naps. Once we got home Aaron ran out of the car and into the house and ran all over house. Who would have guessed he just had surgery!

Moving forward... we were going to switch him to a subcutaneous version of his medication, but recently decided against it. Subcutaneous would be once a week. With Michael and my work schedules, we are not always home on the same day each week. Arnold Palmer Hospital's hematology/oncology department has been absolutely excellent and we feel like that is the best place for Aaron to continue his treatment. He will continue the once a month IVIG for now. Hopefully there will only be 10-11 more treatments until his transplant. I can finally say that I am looking forward to the transplant. I finally believe that Aaron will not only live, but have a normal and healthy life. It has taken me awhile to arrive at this peace, but thankfully I have. I am ready to face the transplant and have Aaron back to doing all the things other children his age are able to do. God places people in our lives that open our hearts to Him. Aaron has done that for me.

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  1. Aaron is a very special boy! and Serena too! You are always in our thoughts and we can not wait for Aaron to be given the green light to play outside the house - so our little man and your can meet! Maybe at Disney! Love you- J