Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Long Drive

We got a late start Saturday morning. We left around 10:30am. Once we hit the turnpike, we didn't go much faster than 15-25 mph most of the way to I75. We think the traffic was from people heading to the FL vs FSU game. The rest of the day was ok until we hit Atlanta. We got stuck in traffic while heading to the hotel. Aaron was great!! He watched his movies and didn't complain once. He did ask to get out and run so we let him run a few times. He enjoyed running in circles around the oversized cow.

Sunday was dreadful. We left Atlanta at 9am. From 9:30am on, it rained the entire day. The traffic was really bad. I think it was people heading back home from the holiday weekend. We had stretches of an hour or more going 15 mph. Aaron took his turn in the driver's seat. He discovered the horn and got a kick out of honking it whenever someone would walk by.

We got good news in the evening. The Ronald McDonald House had an available room for us. We were excited! A nice ending to our very long day.

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