Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Blindsided (Day+99)

So much for not worrying anymore. We found out Aaron has stage 3 kidney disease and his kidneys only work 50-60% of normal. He also may have developed TMA, a condition that causes inflammation of the capillaries causing red blood cells to burst and protein in the urine. This condition can range from mild to long term or quickly fatal.

I am upset because this is the first anyone has told us about any kidney problems. The doctors have known for awhile and never said anything. We had an appointment with the nephrologist who informed us. At this point I have no idea what to think. Aaron could use lots of prayers right now. His body needs to heal.
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  1. Chandelle - i know this news is so hard to hear. we are praying! i believe you received peace about aaron before you found out about this on purpose...hang onto that! He is there with all of you every step of the way. He is the ultimate Healer!
    lots of love...molly

  2. Chandelle, we are so very sorry about the unexpected news. We love you guys and continue to pray for his strength as well as yours and Mike. Sending our love your way.

  3. Chandelle,

    I am praying for you all the time. I know how hard this journey has been and will continue to be. Find your faith and peace in God and He will never fail you! Sending my love and prayers your way!


  4. Chandelle, our thoughts and prayers are with you daily as this journey continues...just another bump in your road to the miracle God will provide. He is a healer of all trials and has Aaron in His loving arms. Stay strong in The Lord for He is your strength. xxoo