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Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Aaron

We had a simple but fun celebration today. We had pizza for lunch. I made broccoli for myself and let Aaron try some. To my surprise he really liked it. Then we had cake. He took two bites of cake and said "I want more broccoli instead of cake." I was shocked.

He opened some presents. He loved his new food toys and bubbles. We took a break to call his sister and played freeze dance with her. We had a blast.

After a much needed nap, Aaron woke up and did a little song and dance with his harmonica. Then he opened more presents. He rode his trike up and down the hall a bit and we blew bubbles outside on the patio.

We wound down the day watching his new Ratatouille movie. He loves this movie because it is about food and cooking.

YouTube Video

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