Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Excited and nervous! Going to school!

Let me start by saying God is Good! We did some homeschooling last year with Aaron, but we will take it up a notch this year. We got permission from the doctor to join a homeschool group this Fall. We will go once a week for three hours. Aaron will wear his mask and join a class of eight kids. I am over the moon! All the kids are homeschooled and we can leave if any other child is sick.

Classical Conversations is a fantastic program. The children are guided by a tutor and the concepts are reinforced at home by the parents. He will learn science, arts, classical arts and music, Latin, and history. Reading, writing, and more math are taught at home. Children from this program are even more sought out from colleges than those from public schools. It is hard to find the good from a bone marrow transplant. However, I would have NEVER considered homeschooling otherwise. I am finding it is a phenomenal education. The parents say that the social events are so many (parties, science museums,etc). Socialization is not a problem at all with homeschooling.

Check out the video on this link to see what Aaron will be doing.


Thank you Lexi, Amanda, and Ticiana for guiding me down this path.

Aaron's tantrums are still around, but he is better. He had his first play date with the beautiful little girls next door. Serena hosted a super fab tea party. Aaron took about thirty minutes to come around, but in the end everyone had a good time. A special thanks to Ellen for being patient with us. We have the nicest neighbors. In fact their nickname is The Nice Neighbors. I won't tell you the nickname for the neighbors on the side. :(

We went down on the steroids again and the GVHD has flared up. I am hoping that this resolves with photo therapy next week.

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