Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Week

Aaron. He never stops amazing me. Before transplant I had the most beautiful, energetic and happy child. I couldn't believe God had blessed me with the coolest kid in the world. After transplant, I saw my child suffer from pain, fear, anxiety, eating problems, motor skill disorders and much more. I actually mourned the loss of the child I gave birth to and began to accept the new child that he had become.
In my wildest dreams, I would have never believed the impossible to happen. My Aaron, the funny, happy, energetic son has returned!!!! Aaron is happier than I have seen him in years. He makes jokes all day. He doesn't scream at the doctors anymore. In fact, he pretends baby dog has eaten chocolate and he has the dog throw up on the doctors and nurses instead. He is having fun with OT and PT and anyone who comes to play with him. He never would interact with people before unless to scream at them.

Aaron still requires oxygen at night. We are going to start trying to wean his tpn. He drinks a ton but doesn't eat enough. We have speech therapy helping with that. He is also not strong enough yet to walk much. His skin looks better than ever. In fact, overall, he hasn't looked this good since transplant. We will definitely be in the hospital for Christmas. Aaron loves the hospital, so he won't mind a bit.

We also had Serena for a week. I absolutely love that girl!!! She and Aaron had tons of fun. They made snowflakes and snowmen. They sang songs. Serena really enjoyed music therapy and made up all the songs during their one hour sessions. Her creativity blows me away. She even helped Aaron with his school work.

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  1. Chandelle, what a heavy burden you have to carry. We don't even know each other but I'm so proud of you. Single parenting is difficult and caring for a chronically ill child tops it. You are amazing! If you need anything, please let me know. I know you have your physical family, but we would be happy to help too. May God bless your day - we can only take one day at a time, right? Focus on your day and don't worry about tomorrow. I will keep you and Aaron in my prayers.