Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Heatlh Update

So much has happened since the last update. I don't think I can remember everything, but I will try.

Aaron is doing absolutely AMAZING!!!! He is happy, energetic, and oh so smart. We went to the pulmonologist this week and the doctor said he is stunned by Aaron's progress. He shows no signs of ever having the pneumonia. He can't believe how big Aaron is. The first time he saw Aaron was when he sent us to the emergency room. Aaron was weak and could barely walk, gray color, and very skinny. Now he is bouncing off the doctors office walls and chatting away with him. He has reached 97% for his height and is taller than almost every other kid his age. The doctor feels he is in excellent shape for his bone marrow transplant.

Later that day we went to the pediatrician. She was also thrilled with his progress and in awe by how tall he is. She says he well exceeds every milestone for his age. She was very impressed that he knows his letters and numbers. When she opened the door he pointed to the number six on the door and said "six." Her jaw dropped. It was very funny and I must admit I beamed with motherly pride. Now for the not so exciting news.... Aaron needs glasses. How on earth am I going to get him to keep his glasses on? We will go for an evaluation with the ophthamologist later next month.

Transplant news... I am finally coming to terms with this reality and becoming more positive about it. His life is not in my hands, but God's. Michael and I are doing absolutely everything we can that is humanly possible to set him up for success. We have read countless articles and consulted with many doctors. Although Tampa is the closest transplant hospital, their success rates are not the best (they are not bad, but we want the best). We are going to consult with Cincinnati Children's Hospital. They have one of the best pediatric immunology programs in the country and they have done a very high number of cord blood transplants with excellent success rates. Right now there is a cord blood unit reserved for Aaron. It is not an exact match which is why we have been hesitant to move forward more quickly. Hopefully the doctors in Cincinnati will help answer our questions and direct us in the right path.

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