Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Boots and Barbie

Aaron turned two and Serena will be eight in a couple of weeks. We had a combined party for the two of them. Aaron enjoyed his Boots cake and balloon. Serena loved the Barbie balloon, tiara, and cupcake stand. We had a great time. Aaron's favorite gifts were everything to do with a train. Serena loved her baby doll that she could feed and then change her diaper. We played pin the bracelet on Dora. I think Aunt Katie won... congrats!!! The rest of us could use more practice. We allowed Serena and Aidan to come to the house for the party. It was really nice to have the family over. Aaron and Serena are good about wearing the masks. I am thankful. So far we are all still healthy and have lots of fun new toys to play with. Thank you to all of those who gave him warm clothes. They will come in handy very soon.

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