Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Going home to work

WOW!!!  What an ordeal.  I was super sad to leave Aaron (and my husband of course).  My stint as a SAHM is over.  I am back to working full time.  My schedule is great!  6 days on and 8 days off.  This will be very helpful to keep up with Aaron's care.

My flight home yesterday was interesting.  The guy next to me was coughing and sneezing and sounded horrible.  I sat for two hours against the window with my jacket over my head the whole time.  Yes, I was THAT person that everyone stared at and thought was crazy.  But, I am sure I am crazy after everything that has happened to me and I am fine with that.  :)

Then I arrived at the house in Orlando.  We had ordered most of our Christmas gifts on cyber Monday and sent them to the house.  I knew I would be home soon to receive the gifts.  Only one package was on the porch and it was from Aunt Katie.  Everything else was STOLEN!  Thank goodness most of the things I ordered were from Amazon and they replaced/refunded with no questions asked.  I was pretty impressed.  I just have to laugh.  I don't get worked up about much,  just Aaron's health.  All we want for Christmas is NO MORE GVHD!!!  Please feel free to send that to us anytime.

Just now, I called Aaron and read him a story over FaceTime.  I feel blessed to live in a time with technology that brings us all close to each other even when we are far away. 

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