Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just don't have time

We started a new chapter in our lives when we brought Aaron home last month. The drive home was great. My Dad flew up from Arizona and drove with me to Orlando. He wouldn't let me drive at all. I sat in the back with Aaron. We read books and laughed and played. What a treat for us. Thanks Dad!!!!!

Aaron has been thriving at home. He is getting accustomed to having a nanny while Mom and Dad are working. Tabi, the nanny is wonderful. She is doing crafts with him every day (something mom is not good at).

The two things that I feel Aaron is lacking are preschool activities and socialization with other kids. Tabi is doing a great job with the preschool activities. We got the green light to let Aaron play with his cousin. Hopefully Aaron will play nice.

Lately Aaron is too busy. He no longer screams at people "I DON'T SAY HI!". Now he is slightly more politely and lets everyone know "I am too busy to say hi!".

So far we have made two trips back to Cincinnati. Aaron's skin looks better than ever since transplant. He has lost two pounds which is also great. He did contract norovirus and C. Diff. this past month. He has had some vomiting and diarrhea. We had to switch from oral to IV meds but are now back to oral.

Although Aaron has been thriving, his parents have been suffering. We also contracted norovirus. With the driving to Cincinnati every other week, we are working almost every day we are home. We are exhausted!!! The doctor just told me today that Aaron can come back every three weeks instead of every two. I also found out from work my schedule will be changing and I won't be working six days in a row anymore. This will help a ton and maybe we can enjoy being home more as a family.
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  1. What a great update! Every 3 weeks driving up will be such a great relief compared to now. So will your schedule changing. I'm so happy for you guys. I just hope you get to feeling better soon. Very glad you also found a nanny that is working so well with him.
    We miss you guys!