Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer in review (part one)

Summer was fantastic!  Serena was here, we had no hospitalizations, and I got to see my brother and sister.

We threw cousin Aidan a small birthday bash.  Technically his birthday was not this summer, but I am really behind in blogging.  We were fortunate to see Aidan three times this summer.  Aaron is slowly warming up to his "best friend."  I am hoping to have more frequent play dates.  Aidan is the only approved friend the doctors will allow.  We are thankful because he is adorable.

Serena spent the summer with us which always makes life more fun.  She is never without a good story (which often never ends) and so much creativity.  She had a blast with the nannies.  She even put on plays for me when I got home from work.  My favorite moment was one night when she needed to go downstairs to get her stuffed toy.  I was busy and couldn't go down with her.  She is deathly afraid the ghosts are going to come out of the walls and get her.  She armed herself with a flashlight and a baseball bat.  I wish I had a picture. 

Michael was a race car driver for a day at the Walt Disney World of Racing.  He even had to enter the car through the window.  He loved it!

Serena played her violin in a concert and had an excellent performance.  Her daddy also plays the violin and they are both very talented.  A few weeks later she performed a monologue in a theater performance.  This little girl has endless talent.  She also has many goals in life.  Lately she wants to be a professional soccer player and publish children's stories.

Aaron's cooking interests have taken off this summer!  He has gone from playing with his food toys to discovering recipes that he insists I make.  He finds the recipes himself.  His inspirations come from youtube, his books we read and looking through my cookbooks.  Everything he has picked out has turned out well including the Creamed Chicken with Peas on Toast.  I only wish he would eat the things we make.  He does not like to eat.

We still travel to Cincinnati regularly for Aaron's treatments.  We were going every three weeks and this month we are trying to go every four weeks.  Having Serena come with us is a blessing.  Everything is better when that girl is around!  The drive was easier with both kids in the back seat and I got to listen to my audiobooks. 

Aaron's health remains unchanged.  We will never lose hope that someday we will win this battle and announce to the world that Aaron has been cured!

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