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Friday, March 7, 2014

Death of the sucker fish

We made another trip to Cincinnati. The drive was one of the easiest so far and NO SNOW!!! The weather is still cold but the sun is shining.

The first thing Aaron does when we arrive at the Ronald McDonald House is go to the fish tank and look for the sucker fish. We looked and looked and could not find it. Sometimes he hides behind the seaweed, but we asked Barbara anyway. Barbara said the sucker fish went to heaven. Every time we went by the fish tank Aaron would ask if the sucker fish came back yet. I tried explaining that the fish died, but I don't think Aaron understood. Barbara gave us a book to help.

This is the book given to families who lose a child while staying at RMH.

Our visit went well at the hospital. Aaron's electrolytes are better, but not normal. His liver numbers have increased to horrible levels. We will hold his antifungal medicine to see if that helps. His skin has improved with his photophoresis treatment. We are hoping he can stay stable and that we do not have to increase the steroid again.

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