Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spoiled by Grandpa Gary

For the first time in his life, we left Aaron with someone else to care for him.  My father graciously took on the responsibility of caring for Aaron.

They had a great time together. Aaron showed him all his favorite YouTube cooking videos. They made pizza together everyday. They played trains and cooked with his play kitchen.

Aaron pulled a few four year old tricks on his Grandpa Gary. He told his grandfather what to eat for lunch (Giada's mashed potatos gratin). So my father followed the video and had potatoes for lunch. He told Grandpa Gary that he cannot walk up the stairs and was carried each time. He did not want to get a bath and went almost two days without one.

I think they both had a great time together. Aaron was very sad when his grandfather left and kept asking me when he will come back.

We caught up on some much needed rest, went sailing, and saw many local wildlife. We enjoyed taking pictures of the jumping fish, peacocks, alligator, manatee, and dolphins.

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