Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Apple pie diet

Aaron was admitted for a week to the hospital in Cincinnati. His tummy had gotten HUGE! His intestines were very inflamed and putting pressure on his organs. He could not drink a full glass of water without throwing up afterwards.

The only treatment for this was to have nothing by mouth to eat or drink for at least two days. The first day was a nightmare. First he was asking nicely and then begging. By the end of the day he was screaming and hitting me (something he never does).

The next morning, when Dr Davies came in, he was begging for pie. She said "let him have pie!" The only thing he ate for the next two days was apple pie filling. He was a new kid. He began laughing and played all day. He told jokes and made pretend pies with the nurse. He showed the doctor his tummy. He did not scream at anyone. This was unusual behavior and absolutely amazing!

By the time we got home, his tummy had gone down two inches. He still has a long way to go but he seems more comfortable. As we go down on steroids, he should get even better.

Aaron is still holding strong with improved gvhd. We will finally try to decrease the steroids again next week. This will be a major accomplishment.

Aaron's behavior is still not great. He has not been a very happy kid much of the time. I pray that this improves. I look forward to this summer. Serena will be here and the kids can play together.

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