Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Out of the ICU.

Aaron has made huge progress in the past few days and has been moved from the ICU to the BMT unit. He is completely off the bipap mask. He still requires a nasal cannula to deliver a low amount of oxygen. His lungs will take awhile to completely heal.

Aaron's kidneys have been improving as well. He has increased urine output from zero to 800ml per day. He is still requiring dialysis for about 50% of the work.

Michael has been helping him try to stand four times a day. He is still too weak. As shown in this picture, he is now able to sit up in a chair for short periods of time. He is still exhausted and spends most of the day resting.

His gvhd is holding steady. They took him off cyclosporine (one of his big gvhd meds). This medicine has hit his kidneys really hard. We hope that his gvhd does not worsen with this big change.

Michael and I take turns caring for Aaron.  Serena is missed dearly.

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