Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Night Inpatient

I checked Aaron back into the hospital for a night, but I wonder if I was the one that needed medical intervention.  Since they have lowered Aaron's daily steroid dose drastically, his GVH has gotten worse.  To combat that, they have given him two high dose IV steroid infusions this week.  This sent him absolutely crazy.  He has rages nearly every second he is awake.  Sometimes, we are able to divert his attention and calm him down.  Most of the time we are not. 

Michael left for work Friday morning.  The entire rest of the day, Aaron screamed and stomped his feet standing in place.  The medication they gave me did not work.  I took him back to be reevaluated and they decided to readmit him.  This worked out well.  He has a new medication plan in place that seems to be working better.  Today was a much better day.  He still is not normal, but a little more manageable.  I thought I was going to lose my mind trying to care for him by myself. 

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  1. John & JackieMarch 25, 2012 at 6:21 PM

    ohhhhh, I'm sorry ...if I could help I would...prayers and thoughts continue to follow you daily...look to God for strength and courage...you are amazing parents to your special little one...hugs...