Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day+138 Inpatient

We made an unscheduled visit to the clinic yesterday because Aaron has been vomiting lately. His appetite is decreased and he does not eat or drink enough. They did blood work and found his kidney numbers were higher than they have ever been. Based on all of this the BMT doctor decided to admit him and begin the highly specialized practice of "watch and wait."

 Aaron's GVH is coming back on his skin and the doctors are concerned that the vomiting and loose stools may be a sign of GI GVH. They want to rule out all other possibilities first and then they may do a biopsy to decide. The biopsy would be a surgical procedure under anesthesia. We really hope it is not GI GVH (graft vs host disease) because that does not usually lead to good outcomes.

All of Aaron's meds were switched to IV and he was given fluids overnight. His kidney numbers are better today but still not great. They think part of his problem is dehydration, but more concerned about GVH.

 We are trying to make the most out of our hospital stay.  The kids did some nice paintings.  Child life came by with some toys.  Serena got a baby doll to play with and Aaron got a dump truck full of fun things.

Speech therapy will come by today to try and get Aaron to eat more.  Hopefully he will get PT and OT as well to get him moving around the room.

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  1. God Bless my sweetest heart.
    Love, Grandma Cindy