Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Friday, June 8, 2012

Please, Please, Please Can We Go Home

We are ever so thankful for how blessed we are. We have a great place to stay here at the Ronald McDonald House. Aaron is doing super well. His kidney and liver numbers are almost normal. He hasn't had any signs of graft vs host disease in weeks. His energy level increases daily.

But... We want to go home! Mike emailed the doctor and asked if there was any way we can go home sooner than September. We haven't heard back yet. There is not enough room for Aaron to run around in our room and he is not allowed to go out of the room to play like the other kids here.

We are saddened this week. The little boy in the ICU passed away last night and Jill, the teenager, is not doing well. She needs a miracle right now. Thank you all for praying for them and their families.

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