Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Sunday, September 23, 2012

What a Delight

I can't explain in words what a joy today has been. Mike was in town. I got to workout, shower, and blow dry my hair. I couldn't have started the day off better. Wish I could do this everyday.

Ok, this isn't really about me. I got back to the hospital at ten and we had mat time. Aaron wanted to play hungry, hungry hippos with mom and dad. A HUGE thank you to the wonderful person who recommended this (sorry I can't remember who). We had a blast. Tons of laughter. Then he played with his plastic food toys (he got them from speech therapy and will be sad when he has to give them back). He was feeding the hungry hippos. Aaron LOVES playing with food, reading about food, watching YouTube cupcake videos. So why does this kid not like to eat?

Later, Aaron wanted to look out the window and wave at everyone. He would see someone and wave at them and laugh. But that was not enough. He had to go out in the hall so he could go around to everyone and wave at them. I think my jaw is still stuck open in shock. This is coming from a kid who yells "I don't say hi!" to anyone that even looks at him.

I am so very thankful that he feels better, but I know it is drug induced. Once he goes off the steroids, we will have the same struggles as before. This kiddo still needs tons of prayers for healing gvh or as Elizabeth would say, we need to kick some gvh butt.

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