Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Touched by three

There have been many people who have helped me survive the BMT journey, but three people have been of the utmost importance for Aaron.

Ms. Carole just might be the love of Aaron's life.  She is his photophoresis nurse.  Aaron loves going to the hospital because he gets to play with Ms. Carole.  When any other nurse takes her place, he is not shy to say 'I only like Ms. Carole!"  She is one of the most beautiful people we have ever met.  She loves Aaron and takes such good care of him.  They spend hours playing trains and watching youtube videos together.  Our lives have been much easier since Ms. Carole arrived. 

Aaron's love of cooking began with a youtube video of Spaghetti Carbonara by Steven Dolby.  Another reason Aaron loves the hospital is because he gets to watch the ipad.  When home, he wants to cook for hours in his pretend kitchen.  The hours of play cooking have been instrumental in improving his strength and stamina. Aaron begs for us to cook Steve's dishes.  They are delicious and surprisingly easy to follow (coming from someone who does not cook much).  I am forever grateful to Steve for being a huge part of Aaron's recovery.  I contacted him to thank him.  He was so moved by Aaron's story that he may dedicate a video to him.  Check out the recipes that Aaron watches all day long every day:   http://stevescooking.blogspot.com/

Finally a HUGE thank you to Philipp from Germany.  Philipp arranged and rearranged his schedule to donate his bone marrow to Aaron.  Aaron's bone marrow type is so rare that we could not find an exact match.  If it were not for Philipp, Aaron may not have been able to have a BMT at all.  The bag of red fluid is Philipp's bone marrow.  The picture of Aaron was taken while the bone marrow was being infused into him.  We hope to meet Philipp someday and thank him in person.  Because of Philipp, Aaron has a chance at a full life.

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  1. I am truly touched by your kind words and I love Aaron dearly!!!! We go beyond the "photopheresis connection." It is an honor and privilege to care for him. Thank you for sharing your beautiful child's life with me, creating tender and treasured memories. Hugs and love to ALL!!!!!!