Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Monday, February 10, 2014

Update to the bump in the road

All your prayers and positivity hit us very hard this morning. I crawled into bed with Aaron at 5am. By 7am I awoke to several pokes and a loud "Mom get up! I want breakfast, let's cook the dogs breakfast. Mom get up!" And then more pokes.

We got up and Aaron was out of bed for a long time playing. He was lively, energetic, and happy. He did not eat or drink much, but that is only the first meal of the day.

Dr Davies came by and said Aaron is looking great. She was impressed by the valentines day dinner he had chosen for us to make. http://youtu.be/qExAmwHlGRA

She also said we will be inpatient awhile longer. His finger looks better this morning. However, the antibiotic is only IV. His finger must look completely healed and then we will treat a few days more.

So far he has thoroughly enjoyed today's activities. After breakfast, his favorite nurse, Ms Carole came by to do photophoresis. Music therapy also came by and he laughed like I have never seen with another adult.

YouTube Video

After seeing Joshua with his sword fighting yesterday, Aaron wanted to do the same. I ran to Target and got Aaron a sword. He loved it. He helped me make a Lego train. Then, we flipped through his new Pionneer Woman cookbook. Later today he will enjoy playing with his friends from OT and PT.

Thank you all for the uplifting every time we are in need. Each of you has helped with the healing of our whole family. Love you all!

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