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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Aaron's Batism

Aaron Baptism

Aaron was baptized Sunday April 18th. It was a wonderful day. Aaron had many visitors from far away - Grandpa Gary, Papa, Auntie Rachel. The ceremony started at 2:30 and there were 11 babies. The ceremony was beautiful. We started with two songs and then the minister spoke of the story of Sarah and Abraham. Then he called the babies and their families one at a time. Of course little Aaron Wolsey was the last one on the alphabetized list. Michael read the letter that he wrote to Aaron about how we will devote our family to being raised as a Christian family. Serena begged to read the letter. We compromised by letting her go up with us and hold her Daddy's hand during Aaron's ceremony. The minister then placed the water on Aaron's head and said a prayer for him.

When we left the church it was raining and we all got wet. We got home and decided to have our party indoors. Mike cooked chicken and Mr. Wolsey spent quite a while in the kitchen making fried rice and chow (chow mein minus the noodles). My father, Aaron, and I were outdoors chasing after the bubbles Serena made with her bubble stick.

Later, we cut the cake. Aaron did the honors and ended up getting his toe covered in icing which made his Daddy very angry. Everyone else just laughed. In fact, Serena begged for the piece with the toe print.

We are so blessed to have such an beautiful and happy baby boy and thankful for the blessing of Jesus on Aaron's baptism day.

Click on the picture to see more photos of Aaron's big day.

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