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Sunday, April 4, 2010

I love spring break

My sister was here for a week and a half and we had so much fun. She loves to play with me. She loves to stack all my toys on top of my head while I swing in my swing. She follows me every where I go. I want to be like her and talk and talk and talk all the time. Because of her, I decided I might crawl. I am not sure. I really wasn't interested in that before, but Serena has so many exciting things to do all the time that I want to be able to move around now. She is the best big sister.
We went to Disney World Magic Kingdom and that was great. Mommy and Daddy hardly knew I was there. I was too busy looking at all the sites that I didn't make any fuss all day. I took a couple of cat naps and was ready to go again. I wanted to stay longer but the grown ups got tired and had to go home. My favorite part was the People Mover Transit ride. I kept looking all around at everything. It even took us into the Space Mountain and was completely black for 2 minutes. Daddy complained that it was stupid, but I thought it was kind of fun. I can't wait until I can go on the Space Mountain roller coaster with Mommy. She was sad that she didn't get to do any roller coasters all day. I think Serena had the most fun on the tea cups. She screamed and screamed with excitement the entire time.
Easter was great too. The Easter Bunny came and left presents for me and my sister. He brought lots of chocolate, but Mommy and Daddy ate all of it. The Easter Bunny hid eggs all over the house. It was fun to follow Serena around as she found them. She is really good at finding the eggs.
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  1. Hi little man, sounds like you all had a swell spring break and great Easter weekend. How nice that you had your sis for a whole week, I'm sure she had your head spinning from side to side with wanting to see her every move.

    Your cousins also are enjoying their Easter school holidays and I blogged about their Easter traditions as well, so don't forget to pop on by.

    So you are creeping now, well mummy and daddy better watch out, they'll soon have to run to keep up with you.