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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby can swim

We went to the Beach Club resort to meet up with my cousin Will and his family. We spent the whole afternoon by the pool. I took Aaron in with some apprehension, but he LOVED it! He gave me that look when he tries a new food for the first time... the "should I like this or not?" look. I just smiled and laughed and told him how much fun it was and he happily hung out for the rest of the time in the pool. He tried to lick the pool several times. He kicked his legs and put his head under twice. What a champ. He fell asleep in Monica's arms. After a long nap we went to the kiddie pool that is made of sand and has a sandbar in the middle. That was lots of fun. He walked in the sand and sat and played. I had to say enough when he grabbed two big handfuls of the sand and it was heading straight for the mouth. Can you believe this little boy did not make one sound all day. As Will put it, he is a true Rose.
beach club april 2010

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  1. That's the great thing of their first year, you get to relive first experiences through them, they make the world magical again.