Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Settling In

We don't have a routine down yet, but we are getting there. The last two days were much better. Aaron doesn't seem to mind his caged crib. They brought a play mat for him and told us he can get out and play on the mat with his toys.

Aaron's baths are done in his crib. They are more like a sponge bath, but seem to work out well. The shower cap has a shampoo inside it. We massage his hair with the cap on, take off the cap and then let his hair dry. I LOVE it! Wish we had these at home.

The Occupational Therapist visited us today. What fun!! She quickly realized that Aaron loves to run. She hung up one coloring page on the door to the room and one coloring page on the other side of the room. They would run to one side and color then back to the other side and color. This continued for quite some time.

Physical Therapy was even more fun. Aaron is allowed out of his room today and tomorrow. After that, he is bound to his room until his ANC counts reach a certain level (this will take weeks). Aaron went to the physical therapy room and had a blast. He ran all over, played with balls of all sizes, went bowling, made music with the keyboard, and so much more.


  1. So great to hear he was able to have fun!

  2. Chandelle - we are thinking about and praying for you guys! I'm so proud of your attitude of hope even on the bad days...remember that you can lean on Him when you have nothing left. He is strong when you are weak. Love you and praying for many miracles - small and big!! Merry Christmas! - Molly (& Anthony)