Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Monday, December 26, 2011

We are sick (Day -8)

I had a cold and got over it. I wore a mask, but Aaron still got sick. He tested positive for parainfluenza 1 virus. This is a common cold. They are going to start giving him his IVIG once a week now to help boost his immunity. The doctors are not worried and say it will pass just like it would for anyone else. Aaron has had a little sniffles and sneezing, but not bad. Other than that, Aaron has not shown any adverse effects from the chemo so far. He is a tough little guy. In fact he has eaten better today than he did the last two days. His diet consists of M&Ms, teddy grams, frosting off of cupcakes, goldfish crackers, chocolate bars, cheerios, and cheese quesadilla. Most parents would probably be horrified by this, but I am the happiest Mom in the world!!!

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