Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Friday, May 11, 2012

Boredom setting in

Things around here are really starting to get boring.  The few activities that we have found to be safe for Aaron are getting old both to Aaron and his parents.  We need to get creative and think of some new things.  We did enjoy ice cream in the park Thursday evening.  We sat in the shade and did not let Aaron touch anything.  He sat on my lap and we had strawberry ice cream with M&Ms.  Aaron did not like the M&Ms, so I got his.  The park was nice with no people around which made it more comfortable for us.

A week ago one of our BMT friends took their son home to Florida.  Next week four more of our BMT friends are going home.  Most of the kids that were transplanted around the time of Aaron have gone home or are going home very soon.  We are trying to focus on the positive and not be discouraged, but we so badly want to go home. 

Aaron had two checkups this week.  His skin GVH is getting worse again.  His skin is the worst it has been since we left the hospital.  The doctors are still lowering the steroids and hoping it will not get worse.  Otherwise, we will have to go back up on the steroids.  Going up on the steroids means being here longer and more complications for Aaron.  His liver numbers are getting worse as well.  His kidneys remain about the same.  Hopefully, things will be better next week.

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  1. Doubling up on the prayers for Aaron...actually all of you...missing you too and looking forward when you can return home...hugs