Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Friday, May 18, 2012

Life is Good Right Now

I came home for the weekend to work at Publix. I will work Saturday and Sunday. Since they did not need me today, I spent the day working in the house.

We are putting in hardwood laminate flooring. Anyone who has been to our home knows that the carpets look trashed. The previous owners somehow destroyed the carpet of this brand new home in only two years. We have tried everything to clean the carpets and they do look much better. However, carpet is not safe for Aaron and who knows what could be lurking in ours. The floors have to be done at least two months before Aaron comes home and then I will have the house professionally cleaned.

I spent the day moving everything upstairs and out of the way. I also realized that we still have a crib in Aaron's room. He hasn't slept in a crib since we left home six months ago. I will have to get him a new bed.

We have a lot to do to prepare for bringing Aaron home. But this is exciting. There is a lot more joy in preparing to bring him home than there was in preparing to leave for the scary transplant.

This picture was taken a couple months ago with Mike and Serena (we miss her terribly).

A really amazing mom named Lori has spent the past few months planning a huge event called The Lake Nona Bazaar. This is a charity event in Aaron's honor. There will be several food trucks, a cafe/coffee truck, bakery truck, Disney DJ, henna artist, face painting, and booths with jewelry, garage items, and lots more. This is amazing!!!!!

I am sad that I will not be able to attend. It sounds super fun. She is even planning children's activities. The foundation will help advertise for free on the radio, tv, and newspaper. I went to McDonald's today and saw the flyer hanging up at both entrances with Aaron's picture on it.

Btw... Support your local McDonald's. They have been soooo good to us. If you have spare change consider dropping it in the box for the Ronald McDonald House.


  1. You're a pretty amazing mom yourself! Thank you for letting me do this for your family.

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  3. I wish I had known you were home...next time I'll just check...hope your trip went well and Aaron behaved himself while you were gone (LOL). You are amazing!
    Your positive attitude is so inspiring and hopefully contagious to all...ask for help when you need it girl...
    Hugs to the little man and you too. Blessings