Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fevers (Day +9)

Aaron has had some horrific fevers. Starting Tuesday night, he started getting fevers up to 108 degrees. He maxed out on the amount of Tylenol he could get. The only other option was to use wet washcloths. The fever lasted through the night and began to wear off Wednesday afternoon. Then we started all over again Wednesday night, this time reaching a high of 109.4. None of the doctors have seen a fever this high before. They weren't overly concerned, but ordered a cooling blanket to help. Finally, by morning his fevers wore off again. It is 9:40pm and his fevers are starting all over again. Yikes! Poor little kid.

The fevers could mean two things. First, he could have an infection. Every time he gets a fever they take cultures. The cultures take several days to grow out. However, the doctor said that as bad a Aaron is, if he had an infection it would probably show pretty quickly. So far, no infections have grown out in culture. The second possibility is that he is having "engraftment syndrome." This occurs as his new cells start growing and can cause fever. His numbers have started to increase a little. This is good news!

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