Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jumping For Cherries

What a great day we had yesterday. Aaron got out of bed and played for a couple of hours. He ate better than he has in months. He wanted cherries. He stood up and kept jumping with excitement each time he would get a cherry. He ate 20 of them!

He is on an NG tube for feeding. They cut that back to only twelve hours a day since he is eating well. Hopefully he continues to eat well and they can take it out.

Aaron's liver enzymes went down slightly. Too early to tell if it is meaningful but I am hopeful.

The hospital reached an all time record high of hospital admissions. They had to open the same day surgery center and ER for overnight beds. The BMT unit is also over full. They moved more patients to our new unit and they are discharging patients as soon as they can. We will not be leaving anytime soon.

Another thing, Aaron is getting his old color back. He has been shedding the old GVH skin and new soft normal skin is coming in.

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