Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Friday, February 10, 2012

T-cell Depletion

The doctor is going to take another approach to Aaron's GVH. Aaron was given a medication to wipe out his t-cells. T-cells are important in attacking anything foreign in our bodies. Right now Aaron's t-cells are from his donor and do not recognize Aaron's own tissues and are causing the GVH. They don't like to deplete t-cells normally because there is not a defense against viruses. Any latent viruses Aaron might have could become active and he will not be protected. They have tested for many infections and haven't found any. Hopefully this new medication will clear up the GVH without causing any further problems.

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  1. Hey - let me know if they start thinking about doing Photopheresis for the GVHD - it really helped for me and was a breeze. I can walk you through it if you would like, but at the very least, ask you doc if it is an option. Praying for you still.