Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ouchies (Day +42)

I haven't written in awhile, partly because I am reading two really good books, The Help and The Hunting Game. The main reason I haven't written is because things around here have been pretty negative. We lost three children in the BMT unit recently and another mother was told her son wouldn't make it much longer. It is horrible to admit, but I have to try and avoid that woman because it is so depressing and I am doing my best to stay positive. Aaron is doing OK. His GVH rash is finally getting better, but at a huge price. They had to increase his steroids and he has done nothing but scream for two days straight. He has finally learned what ouchies are. Although to him it means itching. His rash cause him to itch terribly that he is tearing his skin in several places. Overall, the doctors are still hopeful that we can control his rash. I don't think he will be leaving here for at least a couple more weeks. On a positive note, he has just screamed himself to sleep giving me a chance to catch up on the blog. My apologies to all of you trying to call right now. It is virtually impossible to make phone calls right now. I will catch up when I can.


  1. Poor Baby with his rash. It's completely understandable if you need to "checkout". I'm sure all those who love you (including us) completely support you. You are doing a formidable job dealing with such a difficult situation. I have so much faith that Aaron will just start getting stronger and stronger. As always, know we continue to pray for the three of you.

  2. Reading this with a heavy heart for those broken families...what awful trials, for them and for you. We are praying for Aaron to have a positive and permanent turn around. Love to you all.