Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Another ER visit

Yes, we spent another night in the ER.   Aaron's skin has gotten worse and very quickly.  I spent an hour or so researching chronic gvh online until I was shaking and scared to death.  I believe the article stated a 50% survival rate and some possible debilitating complications in survivors.  I called Cincinnati and they wanted me to take Aaron to the ER immediately for steroid treatment. We will continue steroids for ten more days. If this doesn't help, we will definitely be heading back to Cincinnati.

I reached my breaking point and broke down. I wanted to give up and I wanted to be done with all of this. So I decided to wave my white flag and surrender.   God is just going to have to take over for awhile (I need some sleep).

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  1. Chandelle, I was so excited about the last posting and now so sad about this one. I'm so sorry about this set back. Aaron and you guys are in our prayers. I hope the storms don't complicate things. Call me if you want to talk once you get some rest. Love you!