Aaron's Hyper IgM Journey

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Things Are Not Good

Where to begin...

I have spent countless hours on the phone this week with insurance issues. Every one of Aaron's transplant bills were incorrect. He has a transplant contract that all of his bills must be processed through and Cincinnati did not do this. I also found out I was sent to collections over a bill that was processed incorrectly. Aaron has two insurances. Last I heard they were reprocessing the claim.

I find it insulting that I am sent to collections. My husband and I have had many struggles over the last few years. When he lost his job, I worked overtime to make ends meet. I have never in my life paid a bill late. My friends, family, and the amazing people I have never met have also donated to Aaron's foundation to help with medical bills. We have always found a way and this really upsets me.

More importantly, Aaron's healthcare is not going well. He is itching all over, has bouts of diarrhea, his lips peel off every day, he has patches of dry skin, red and swollen eyes, and his skin is several shades darker. When I contacted Cincinnati, they said I must defer back to Aaron's local doctor. The local doctor says Aaron shows no signs of gvh and that he is fine. Everyone of these things are signs of gvh. Then I tried to go to a different doctor in orlando that does BMT. Aaron was turned away due to doctors code, they won't see him unless his care is released by his other doctor.

Michael and I have made many calls over the weekend and there will be a decision made about his care tomorrow. If Cincinnati still won't work with us, we may have to drive back there to be seen or else find a new BMT doctor here to take over his care.

There are many other issues going on, but I will leave it at this. I am trying to find a positive in the mix of all this, but right now I can only say: I am thankful to have my son still with us, I am thankful to have such a supportive husband, and thankful for all my friends who keep me going.

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