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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Double lumen taken out

Aaron had a double lumen central line put in prior to his chemotherapy in December. He had medicine running through both lines most of the time for awhile. The central line is surgically placed so that Aaron does not need to be poked each time they take blood or give IV meds. One of the lines broke today while the nurse was trying to take a blood sample.

They are unable to fix the line. This central line was placed in Cincinnati and Orlando has a different brand. If we were in Cincy, they could fix this without surgery. Unfortunately, they don't carry the parts here and therefore, Aaron will undergo surgery. This brings on a risk of infection. :(

Aaron has been close to needing a blood transfusion but has narrowly escaped this until now. His hemoglobin is too low for a surgical procedure. Aaron had to get ivig and a blood transfusion in preparation for surgery. They cannot get all of that done today.

With a broken central line (a very serious issue) they will not let us leave the hospital. Therefore, we get to enjoy a little more hospital appreciation time.

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  1. Praying for a speedy fix, a speedy recovery, and a speedy hospital stay! Love you guys!